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Finnegan’s Wake has free wifi!

This is important because sometimes I want a beer while I blog, but like, in the company of people I don’t actually have to talk to.
I’m not going to admit how long it took B-Roq and I to find a joint in this neighborhood with beer and internet-for-the-people. Or the huge circle we walked in. Instead, I’m going to tell you that I am incredibly intuitive and I was like “let’s check out Finnegan’s, I think I remember them having free wifi.”
Now I’m tired, I just want to get drunk and eat tacos, not work on the 700 other blogs I have going on right now.

Finnegan’s Wake is a dive bar in Cole Valley. It’s located Near Carl and Cole, next to Tully’s. There is a taco truck outside, and that makes me happy. There’s also darts, pool and arcade games.

There will be tacos in my future!

Bar sign photo via Taco truck was all me, from the window, inside the bar. WHAT it is raining outside. I’m from California and therefore do not know how to act when water comes from the sky.

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SF Beer Week in the Upper Haight

SF Beer Week kicks off in a few days and the Upper Haight will be offering a couple venues well worth checking out.

First off, Alembic:

Although this bar is a far cry from being a beer-drinker’s bar (considering it’s known for it’s chichi $12 mixed drinks), Alembic is doing it’s best to take part in the festivities. To begin with, every day during Beer Week they will be offering a different mixed drink in which beer is an ingredient. Since I’m only aware of a handful of mixed drinks that include beer - specifically saki bombs, Irish car bombs, jager bombs, and various other carbonation-inducing concoctions - I’m interested to see what they’ll come up with. Alembic will also be serving their 3-course Prix Fixe (that’s pronounced “PrE fEx”, not “Pricks FixE”) except with beer pairings instead of cocktails.

Alembic San Francisco

On the 15th Alembic will by spotlighting beers made by Gypsy brewers. Gypsy brewers are brewers that don’t own their own facilities but rather partner with breweries to create their beer. And on the 19th Alembic will offer a 5-course Prix Fixe to be paired with “Strong beers” (ie. 8%+ abv). Expect some brews made by Magnolia and 21st Amendment since they are both celebrating Strong Beer Month.

Speaking of Magnolia, they’re going to be doing a ton of stuff too. As we’ve already written Magnolia is a pretty awesome Brewpub. All month they are crafting Strong Beers that are currently on tap. For Beer Week specifically, they will be hosting and oyster and beer pairing on the 14th and serving from firkins on the 15th. Calm down, that’s “firkins” not "merkins". A firkin, for those who don’t know, is a tiny barrel from which naturally carbonated beer is served (or so says the google).

Magnolia Brewery & Pub

On the 17th Magnolia will be serving vintage and barrel-aged beers, which I’m especially excited about since I LOVE barrel-aged beers. And lastly, on the 18th and 19th they will be serving low-alcohol beers in the morning with brunch to pre-game before heading to the Lower Haight for the Barleywine Festival. That’s more of an event for the weak-hearted, but you can check it out if you want.

So those are the events you should be checking out starting this weekend. And remember: If you get too drunk to drive, just pay a street kid to carry you home. Should cost about $20.

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Shameless Friend Promotion!

Landon Phillips is writing the story of his life! Online! For all to read! Chapter 73 is all about day drinking! Us Upper Haighters are all too familial with that one. I wish the food was better in these parts - for drunk snacks, yo! Fortunately, I can always order Zantes pizza (online, so I don’t have to slur into my no-reception cell phone) when I don’t want to pay $10 for a shitty burrito. (THE MISSION HAS EVERYTHING!) Those guys at Zantes will deliver anywhere in the city!
Landon is a frequent visitor of the Upper Haight and also my friend since HIGH SCHOOL! We go back. Back like, 13 years?

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Well, Isn’t This Cute?

How have I not noticed this little parklet outdoor seating area yet?

It’s right outside of Martin Macks, a bar I have not at all been interested in until tonight. Imma go there just to drink amongst the flowers. Look for me. I’ll probably try to hit on you if you make eye contact with me. Something tells me I’m going to take up the persona of a frat boy while getting my Bud Light on.

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Adventures in Drinking at Magnolia Pub and Brewery.

Not that long ago (two months? I don’t know. Time is just so crazy) Cool Rick, DanInSF and myself set out to Magnolia Pub to get wasted for a couple of beers on a beautiful fall afternoon.

Here’s what ensued.

I like to think of myself as adventurous and spontaneous, but lately I’ve been starting to think I’m afraid of change. Take for instance my beer selection at Magnolia. I had so much to choose from and what do I do?

I order the Proving Ground IPA. IPA is my safety beer! I LOVE IPAs so much! (In all fairness, I haven’t frequented Magnolia because the first time I went there, I ordered outside my comfort zone and I fucking hated the beer I got. Hated it so much I never went back. Until recently.)

The Proving Ground IPA was delicious. It’s got an ABV of 7.0% and is quite hoppy. It’s a smooth and standard tasting IPA (SAFE BEER!). I’d order it again. Obviously! It’s delectable and I hate change.

Now, if my memory serves me correctly, DanInSF ordered the Deep Ellum Dubbel.

ABV of 6.17%. Of the beer, DanInSF says:
Deep Amber color
Flavors of roasted barley with a little smoke.

Cool Rick order the Saison de Lily because he liked the phrase ‘de lily’.

ABV of 7.37%! Go Cool Rick! Of this particular beer, Cool Rick said, “It’s difficult to describe”. So, DanInSf, being the wine aficionado (which makes him a beer expert too, obvi) of the three of us, jumped in. He said he tasted Elderflower, and that it was “more like a Hefenwiezen, but less murky”. I believe he also said “Taste this and tell me it’s not thistle. Summery, fruity - I love the nose on this” He’s an expert, I tell you!

Now, I would’ve been fine without eating anything, but I was with boys and boys get hungry. Whatever, I can always stuff my face with snacks.

Due to DanInSF being a newly minted vegetarian (thanks to a drunken promise to my cat?) and myself being vegan, Cool Rick was forced to comply with our strict dietary standards. Good thing french fries are vegan right? Everyone LOVES french fries!

Plate of pickles. Not at all what I was expecting, but exciting nonetheless! Purple food? Yes, please, and thank you!

French Fries! Cool Rick liked the garlic mayo. I of course had to stick to ketchup.

Being kinda stoked over everything, we ordered a second round of beers! Too bad Magnolia is a little on the pricey side, or my ass would’ve stayed there all night.

I’ll hit up Magnolia again, probably if some parents were town, or I had to impress on an OkCupid date (which I totally don’t do! I’m just saying, like, hypothetically) before I dragged my “suitor” to Trax for $1 PBRs.

Final notes:
*Booths were comfy.
*The menu was lacking in vegetarian/vegan options
*It kind of feels like a museum and advertises itself as such. I liked this aspect of it. I like places that feel like ‘old style San Francisco’.

Magnolia is located at the corner of Haight and Masonic.

-Posted by JB