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Finnegan’s Wake has free wifi!

This is important because sometimes I want a beer while I blog, but like, in the company of people I don’t actually have to talk to.
I’m not going to admit how long it took B-Roq and I to find a joint in this neighborhood with beer and internet-for-the-people. Or the huge circle we walked in. Instead, I’m going to tell you that I am incredibly intuitive and I was like “let’s check out Finnegan’s, I think I remember them having free wifi.”
Now I’m tired, I just want to get drunk and eat tacos, not work on the 700 other blogs I have going on right now.

Finnegan’s Wake is a dive bar in Cole Valley. It’s located Near Carl and Cole, next to Tully’s. There is a taco truck outside, and that makes me happy. There’s also darts, pool and arcade games.

There will be tacos in my future!

Bar sign photo via Taco truck was all me, from the window, inside the bar. WHAT it is raining outside. I’m from California and therefore do not know how to act when water comes from the sky.