It's Always Foggy in the Upper Haight

A survival guide to the Upper Haight, by people that know. Also, you can buy hella nugs here.

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The Buckshot: it’s a dive bar with Skee Ball. In other words, it’s all I need.

If you are like DanInSF, I know you are all “Yo, why you writing about an Inner Richmond bar?”. Look, it’s a short bus ride away on the 33, to the other side of Golden Gate Park, which in my mind, makes it completely relevant. With Murio’s being closed for renovation and Milk looking like somewhere I never want to be, what’s a girl to do? Take me to the Buckshot!

There’s a kitchen, if you are hungry. There’s like, 3 vegetarian options too. Which is good if you happen to be the herbivore of the group and didn’t eat first.

Wait, wait, there’s more!

Not so hot if you are the vegetarian of the group:

However, there are cheap (CHEAP!) drinks and Skee Ball!

Off Road, along with a slew of other video games, hang out at the back of the bar, not working. What’s up with that, Buckshot? It’s cool I forgive you. I spent more money on Skee Ball than drinks, I’m not even kidding. High score - 280. Think you can do better? Let’s go!

The Buckshot is located on 3rd Avenue at Geary in San Francisco.

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